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A New and Better Way To Invest.

In just over 4 years, Merill Funds boasts a total Assets Under Management (AUM) exceeding €125 million. As managers of these funds, we at Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors (JMFA) have built a portal to help you reach your investment goals.

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Putting Your Convenience First

We put our focus on you, that’s why we measure our success on achieving your investment goals - as simply as possible with complete transparency.

Our new online portal puts your convenience first, giving you the opportunity to invest in a range of Merill Funds from the touch of your fingertips and designed in simple steps for you to understand.

An Experienced Team Driving Your Success

We have designed all of the in-house funds to offer the best investment solutions, paired with enhanced risk-adjusted returns.

Our strategy is powered by the experienced asset management team of JMFA, who monitor Merill Funds on a daily basis, to ensure our investors' financial future and to provide you maximum returns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your trusted partner that guides you towards achieving a robust investment and our promise is that our team of experts will masterfully manage your funds daily.

Take Your First Steps in Investing

You can take the first step in the journey of smart investing in Merill funds for €50 per month or a minimum lump sum investment of €2,500. We invite you to check out our new online portal.

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